Posted by: charityinfo | November 11, 2011

The National Conference of Synagogue Youth

A prominent international organization designed to connect Jewish teens and promote a passion for Judaism, the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) encourages young people to learn from the teachings of both the Torah and Jewish tradition. Founded in 1954 by members of the Orthodox Union, the NCSY has played an integral role in the development of Jewish teens for the better part of 60 years.

To accomplish its mission of connecting Jewish teens, the NCSY sponsors a wide variety of recreational and social programs that help cultivate a positive Jewish identity. In addition to retreats and summer programs, the NCSY organizes leadership development sessions to help young Jewish people become instruments of meaningful change and renewal for the Jewish community at large. Throughout all of its activities, the NCSY places a special emphasis on the importance of a safe space where teens can celebrate their Jewish backgrounds and learn from Jewish role models in the community.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular programs sponsored by the NCSY:

Jewish Culture Clubs

Through its Jewish Culture Clubs program, the NCSY provides Jewish high school students with the opportunity to meet with one another and share their Jewish heritage. Students in Jewish Culture Clubs across the country have learned to strengthen their Jewish identities and form lifelong connections to Israel.

Leadership Training

Leadership training constitutes one of the most important activities of the NCSY. By cultivating leadership skills in the next generation of Jewish leaders, the NCSY hopes to strengthen the Jewish community and ensure a bright future for the Jewish people. Leadership Boot Camp, one of the many leadership development programs sponsored by the NCSY, brings together 100 of the most promising teen leaders for 4 days of team-building exercises and leadership workshops. Through its Jewish Unity Mentoring Program (JUMP), the NCSY works with yeshiva day school students to help them overcome challenges and contribute to positive change in the Jewish community.

Israel Education

When high school students graduate and relocate to college campuses, they can often encounter anti-Israel sentiments. To help students respond to anti-Israel beliefs and behaviors, the NCSY sponsors a comprehensive Israel education program designed to teach Jewish teens about one of the most important aspects of Jewish heritage. In addition to experiential Israel education and formal classroom teaching, the NCSY also organizes missions to Israel.

To learn more about the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, visit the website at One proud supporter of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Danny Shabat, also maintains involvement with Jewish organizations such as Migdal Torah, Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School, and Adas B’nai Israel Congregation. Shabat currently owns and operates a number of successful business enterprises.


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