Posted by: charityinfo | November 12, 2011

Down, But Not Out

There are a lot of species of animal life on planet Earth, and if you’re an animal lover, it can be overwhelmingly tough to remember how close each endangered critter may be to extinction. The numbers of all of the animals in danger can become a blur.

In the case of Earth’s largest cat, however, sheer size and notoriety may count as the greatest possible advantage toward the long-term survival of the mighty tiger. The mightiest of the feline hunters once roamed much of the Asian continent, but enormous pressures leveled by an ever-increasing human presence on that continent has reduced their numbers in the wild, across all subspecies, to a mere 3,200.

One organization that has been fighting on behalf of the survival of tigers since 1995 is Save The Tiger Fund. Working with native human populations located in tigers’ various natural habitats, STF has effectively allocated more than seventeen million dollars over the years toward the cause.

A particularly insidious threat to all tigers throughout Asia is poaching, and STF, partnered with big-cat advocates are involved, are involved in direct interventions against this criminal activity. Educating locals on the inherent benefits of stopping the poaching of tigers is slowly paying dividends, as well.

With the cooperation of the patchwork of sovereign nations that remain as hosts to tigers, Save The Tiger Fund is committed to helping these regal creatures make a roaring comeback in the 21st century.


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