Posted by: charityinfo | November 20, 2011

Showing Down-And-Out Kansas City Critters Some Love

The misfortunate reality of homeless and abandoned domestic animals has been around for a long time: probably all of human history. Though it hasn’t been around as long as Wayside Waifs, the latter has been around for a while itself — since 1944, which is a pretty long time for any non-profit organization.

In its history, Wayside Waifs has saved and adopted out untold thousands of animals in the Kansas City metropolitan area. As is common for an operation of its kind located in an urban environment, the majority of creatures that WW assists are either cats or dogs.

Based on the longevity of its existence, it’s apparent that Kansas City has generously supported Wayside Waifs over the years. True to its mission, the operation deftly enables folks that are interested in its mission to help out in a variety of ways.

For animal lovers in Kansas City, one of the simplest acts of charity that’s appreciated by WW is a bit of time spent socializing with some of the animals in the shelter. In exchange for some valuable education about their furry friends, a volunteer can brighten the day of a cute kitten or puppy, or spend some quiet time with an older animal that’s simply looking for some much-appreciated love and attention.

By all accounts, Wayside Waifs will continue to serve the Kansas City community’s animals-in-need for many years to come. Theirs is certainly a tradition of love worth sharing.


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