Posted by: charityinfo | December 2, 2011

Forgotten No More

While many charitable organizations strive to cure cancer or AIDS or end poverty and world hunger, others have smaller but no less noble goals. This is the case with the Forgotten Soldier Outreach program. This non-profit organization was started by Lynelle Chauncey Zelnar when she learned of a group of soldiers serving in Iraq who were becoming discouraged and frustrated, and missed their friends and family back home. Zelnar requested care package supplies from family and friends via e-mail and within a week the first five care packages were on their way. Even now, years later, Zelnar receives names of soldiers on a weekly basis to add to her list. She accepts donations from schools, businesses and individuals and has a team of volunteers who help her collect the supplies and send the packages.

Care packages include letters of encouragement, toiletries, socks, food, candy, games and movies and are sent to troops serving in a variety of foreign countries to improve morale and to thank them for their service. This, and other organizations like it, sends care packages and birthday cards regularly to ensure the troops know they’re supported and remembered. Forgotten Soldiers Outreach often collects items outside businesses in the West Palm Beach, Florida area ( and hosts monthly packing events the whole year round where volunteers gather to help and assemble the care packages. It doesn’t take a fortune to show your support for America’s troops. Some candy, gum, a deck of cards and a letter or card of encouragement is enough to brighten a soldier’s day and to thank him for his service to America.



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