Posted by: charityinfo | December 10, 2011

AmeriCares’ Twenty-three Years of Disaster Relief

The World Health Organization estimates one-third of the world’s population lack access to essential medicines. To aggravate this condition, health care professionals in poor countries struggle daily with lack of basic supplies such as syringes and bandages. That is where AmeriCares comes in.

For the past 23 years, AmeriCares has been providing immediate response to emergency medical needs all over the world. The non-profit organization is committed to provide needs of helpless victims right after a terrible calamity has occurred, such as an earthquake, hurricane, violent conflict or other natural or man-made disasters. During the course of its existence, AmeriCares has given approximately $10 billion dollars to disaster relief operations in America and the international community.

In addition to disaster relief, AmeriCares also delivers humanitarian support to a select number of organizations and projects. This includes funding of a family-health clinic in El Salvador, which became the first clinic in the country to offer women access to mammograms. Another is Youth for a Healthy Haiti, a group focused on providing health education and family planning to young Haitian women.

Because of their efficient system – with 99% of the funding directly allocated to humanitarian programs – AmeriCares was ranked first in Marie Claire’s 10 Best Charities.  Their success was made possible through product donations from partners in the private sector, and arrangements with air or ocean cargo companies to ensure speedy delivery of the most urgent needs.  Their model for helping the helpless has been tested by time and experience, and remains to be the most cost-efficient system today.

Recently, AmeriCares partnered with XANGO to deliver aid for East Africa Famine.  Xango, a leading global wellness company, provided meal packs which were used to nourish Somali refugees at health clinics and therapeutic wellness centers. AmeriCares also extended their help during the most devastating natural calamity of the year – the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. They airlifted medical aid to the nation’s distraught citizens, helping them recuperate from physical, mental and emotional suffering.


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