Posted by: charityinfo | December 13, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Concern for the Environment

Leonardo DiCaprio became a household name with the movie Titanic. After the release of that box-office movie, the actor stirred a media-frenzy wherever he went. From being a young heartthrob, DiCaprio was transformed into an A-list star and an in-demand actor in Hollywood.

Between his busy schedule as an actor and superstar, DiCaprio is also a committed environmentalist. In fact, because of his involvement in charity and activism, he has received praise from environmental groups and respect from local communities.

The actor founded an organization after his own namesake. The  Leonardo DiCaprio Organization fosters awareness of environmental issues through partnerships with other organizations with the same goal, such as Natural Resources Defense Council, Global Green USA, the International Fund For Animal Welfare, and National Geographic Kids.

DiCaprio also brings awareness on issues regarding global warming, and promotes the use of alternative and renewable energy resources. He has campaigned on the preservation of the planet’s biodiversity through a series of programs, all of which concentrated on wildlife.

Last year, the actor partnered with World Wildlife Fund to save tigers. He donated – out of his own pocket – $1 million dollars to support WWF’s Save Tigers Now campaign. The aim of this campaign is to double the world tiger population by the year 2022, which is coincidentally the year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calendar. DiCaprio himself saw what man has done to the population and reproduction of these animals, pushing him to make a significant donation to restore the overall population of tigers, and to help stop or severely curtail the illegal poaching of tigers.

Aside from promoting environmental awareness, DiCaprio also supports other causes such as adoption and fostering orphans, the fight against AIDS, children’s rights and welfare, disaster relief, health and wellness, homelessness, human rights, hunger, and voter’s education.


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