Posted by: charityinfo | January 30, 2012

Worth Saving

Reading an article has different effects on people, while most of us will empathize with a story, that’s just about it. We’re not supermen and we can’t solve all the problems in this world, coupled with the fact that we may also be having our own struggles. One business executive in Chicago did act upon reading a news article.

In 1997, Paula Fasseas read about the pet overpopulation and mercy-killings that went on in local pet shelters.  With other business leaders they toured the local animal shelters and saw the extent of the problem. This led to the foundation of PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Chicago.

One of their first activities was the Angels with Tails events held in various places in Chicago. These events have helped thousands of dogs and cats find new homes. Just as important is the awareness that people in Chicago now have with regards to homeless pets.

They also established the PAWS Chicago Cat Adoption Center at 2337 North Clark Street in Lincoln Park and opened seven days a week. This center has resulted in around 300 cats being adopted every year. The center started in 1998.

The charity organization knew that a major solution to the overpopulation problem lay in spaying/neutering these animals.  The organization set up the PAW Chicago Lurie Family Spay/Neuter Clinic in 2001. Based in the Little Village neighborhood and targeting underserved communities, this is a high-volume, low-cost clinic and one of only a handful in the whole country.  It performs 10,000 to 12,000 operations per year.

It also opened a state of the art Adoption Center in 2007, also in Lincoln Park that provides a friendly shelter for homeless cats and dogs. In 2011 the GusMobile started operation. This is a mobile clinic which performs spay/neuter surgeries, vaccination and pet education in different communities.

When the charity started in 1997, 42,561 homeless pets were killed in Chicago. Now the number has been reduced to half. A lot of this improvement is attributed to PAWS Chicago.

Volunteers and donors have worked unselfishly to make this all possible and it all began when a business executive read an article in a news paper.


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