Posted by: charityinfo | February 6, 2012

Most Basic Need

The most basic need of man is food. This even comes before shelter and clothing. It’s a bit of an amazement than the most powerful country in the world; the U.S. would have a food problem. The problem exists because while on average America is a rich country, it does not mean the wealth is spread out evenly.  There are those who belong to poor regions in the country where economic activity and prospects are low. Jobs are therefore hard to find and this makes putting food on the table a difficult task.

You can’t put the blame on the region alone; sometimes it could be the individual who has put himself or his family in such a hungry situation. Whatever the case may be, people in one area simply looked at the problem of hunger and decided to act.

A committee of concerned citizens was organized by church leaders and civic leaders in 1982, to tackle the problem of hunger in the Hamilton County area in Tennessee.  This admirable action was the start of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

Like other charitable organizations, it relies heavily on donations.  It has corporate donors like Mckee Foods and General Mills, as well as individuals who make financial, time, or talent contributions to keep the charity going.  One company even had one of its rental forklift be used, free of charge for two weeks to help move and properly store the many food items in one of its warehouse.  Acts like these are of significant help to charity organizations.

This organization also channels its food to qualified churches and charities that have their own feeding programs. On its first year of operation it was able to provide 600,000 pounds of food to hunger families. Its area of coverage now includes 9 counties in northwest Georgia and 11 counties in southeast Tennessee.  In 2010 it gave away 10 million pounds of food. It serves 20,000 people every week in these counties.

Aside from food distribution other activities of the charity include seminars on food growing such as how to plant potatoes and apple tree grafting.  Man does not live by bread alone, but he also needs bread to live.


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