Posted by: charityinfo | February 16, 2012

Started By Politicians But Totally Private

We always suspect politicians to be making laws and assessing situations which will eventually lead to government funding of some pet project that will benefit (hopefully) their own constituents. There is an institute that was established by bipartisan U.S. Congressmen which relies entirely on private donations and not collected taxpayer’s money.

This is the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI),founded in 1984 and is a non-profit private institution.  A group of environmentally concerned congressmen put up this institute since having a like organization inside Congress had limitations due to rules and regulations.

It aims is “Educating Congress on energy efficiency and renewable energy; advancing innovative policy solutions”.  As mentioned in their website, the organization wishes to set the country on a cleaner, more secure and sustainable energy path.  While there are many environmental advocacy groups out there, at the end of the day there must recommended policies based on sound empirical studies and not just sketchy proof that can be used to enact the appropriate measures.

The institute is focusing on three programs: Energy and Climate Program; Sustainable Biomass and Energy Program; and Transportation and Communities Program.

With its historical ties to Congress, the institute is in a unique and important position to influence laws that will not only determine the sustainable future of America but the rest of the world.


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