Posted by: charityinfo | February 23, 2012

A Phone Call Started It All

You never know what could happen next when a phone rings and you answer it. One charitable organization’s existence came about because of a phone call.

Known as the man who knew “every medical missionary in the world” the late J. Raymond Knighton director of the Christian Medical Society in Chicago answered a phone call in 1954; it came from an executive of a large pharmaceutical company.  This company wanted to donate $25,000 worth of surplus medicine.

It took the next 3 months for Mr. Knighton and his secretary to deliver the 11 tons of medicine to where they were needed most abroad. This was the start of MAP which has grown to the capacity of being able to deliver medicine and other forms of help to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Since its inception MAP has provided around $4 billion in medicine and other needs to various partners and qualified institutions.

Every year it provides over $250 million in much needed medical supplies to over 100 countries, with donations from major drug companies. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, MAP is actively involved in mitigation and prevention of diseases. It is also involved in health promotion and disaster relief. The number of people this organization has helped already runs in the millions.

You never know what may happen the next time you answer the phone.



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