Posted by: charityinfo | February 27, 2012

To Make A Difference

How many of us think we have made a difference in this world? Are we just another struggling individual trying to make ends meet? Working hard so we can stand on our own two feet without being a burden to others is to some degree making a difference already. Others have gone beyond that and made positive differences to lives of strangers who badly needed help.

There were many in the world that saw the pain and suffering of Cambodians during the Khmer Rouge regime. The beautiful country of Cambodia became known as the killing fields. One man by the name of Ron Post from Portland, Oregon saw the television reports of what was happening in Cambodia in 1976. He asked God for help so that he could be of assistance to these people.

Less than month later he set out with 27 medical volunteers to the Thailand border to help the refugees who had fled the horror in their country. What was incredible was that Post, although a businessman had no medical background at all. This did not stop him from going. He wanted to make a difference.

It may have been a spur of the moment act then but it was the beginning of the Northwest Medical Teams which later became known as Medical Teams International. This charity’s ultimate goal “is to serve the people stricken by disaster, conflict and poverty all over the world with the most effective programs possible”. Although a proudly Christian-based charitable organization, religious belief is not one of their criteria for helping those in need. They cater to everyone.

The organization has seven areas that it focuses its work on. These are: Community Health, Dental Program, Disaster Response, Emergency Medical Care, HIV and AIDS Care and Prevention, Medical Services and Training, and Medical Supply Program.

With more than 97% of its resources going to the seven areas of focus, this is a highly rated and efficient charity organization. Since its establishment, over $1.5 billion of much needed medical supplies have been delivered all over the world.  Last year 2.1 million people were helped by this organization. Since 1979 it has been able to send 2,100 teams to where they were most needed all over the world.

Ron Post and the countless volunteers and workers of Medical Teams International have made a difference.


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