Posted by: charityinfo | March 8, 2012

Architects Getting Into The Act

Human conflict can bring out the worst in people. Human beings can commit horrifying acts against fellow human beings. Ironically it can also bring out the best in others who want to help. This is what happened to Cameroon Sinclair and Kate Stohr who founded Architecture for Humanity on April 6. 1999.

The Kosovo conflict caused much human suffering. So many buildings and homes were destroyed, too. Those who fled the horror had no place to live when they came back. Thus shelter was needed.

Yet building shelter is not merely putting a roof over one’s head. It also involves proper designing to make the most out of the project. From making the right design to fit the weather, to taking into consideration the available resources in the particular area, these must all be factored in. This is where architects can play a major role.

The foundation began by hosting design competitions to get the best ideas for the Kosovo project. This was an inclusive approach since the local communities were also taken into the picture to get their inputs in the reconstruction efforts.

The foundation has continued to use the approach of open competition to come up with the right designs. An examples of a project completed is a basketball court in Kenya which includes an integrated rainwater collection system. It also had done housing projects in Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It has completed many projects around the world. The foundation partners with other entities to get the work done.

Planning and designing is important as not to waste precious resources in completing shelter projects. It’s good to know that thousands of architects have gotten into the act of help others in dire need.



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