Posted by: charityinfo | March 15, 2012

The Accidental Hero

Big Cat Rescue had its beginning in 1992, when Carole Baskin, the founder, and her then husband Don went to buy bobcat kittens in the mistaken notion that they would make good pets. What they ended up in was a “fur farm” where most of the buying and selling of cats was for the purpose of raising and eventually selling the furs.  They were appalled by what they saw and in act that would forever change the course of their lives; they bought all the 56 kittens sold there so the kittens would not wind up someday as fur coats.

This began years of buying, raising, breeding and selling of big cats with the belief that they would be preserving the species and selling them to those who would be good pet owners.  Then they came to the realization that what they were doing was not right. These cats belonged in the wild and were never meant to be pets and in most cases pet owners could not handle them when they reached maturity and just abandoned them.

Aside from having to rescue, care and feed for the cats, Carole had her own personal tragedy to endure. Her husband was beginning to exhibit mental disorder and one week before a scheduled medical checkup he just disappeared never to return.  Carole’s advocacy not to raise big cats as pets or for fur made her enemies of those in the trade.  Her husband’s disappearance turned her to media fodder and also a suspect.  She manages to endure it all including the financial strain she and her family have gone through.

Big Cat Rescue is now an educational sanctuary in Florida. The accidental big cat hero and her organization continue their calling of helping these animals.


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